There are 13 governors with a wide cross-section of financial, business, legal, architecture, educational including SEN, clergy and outdoor pursuits experience. Click on their photo to learn more about them. To contact any of them please email the Clerk to the Governors on 

Revd. Dr Gaskell
Mrs Hutchinson-Smith
Mr Hadley


Vice Chair

Safeguarding Governor

Mrs Hepworth
Mr Kenwell
Mr Leake
Lord Mostyn
Mr Mueller


Mrs Seldon
Rt Revd Sinclair
Mr Wilson
Viscount Chelsea
Miss Hart

Functions and Roles of the Governing Body


The role of Governors is strategic not operational and can be summarised as follows:

  • Ensuring the school operates according to its constitution;

  • Setting the school's vision and aims

  • Establishing and maintaining the school’s ethos

  • Setting the school’s plans and policies

  • Monitoring and evaluating school performance

  • Promoting self-evaluation to sustain school improvement

  • Appointing the Head, Chaplain and Bursar

The Governing Body does not control or manage the day-to-day running of the school. That is the role of the Headmaster and his Senior Leadership Team. For example, decisions such as whether to admit pupils to be educated at St David’s, discipline and the appointment of staff are vested exclusively in the Headmaster, not the Governing Body. The Governing Body supports the Headmaster, monitor his performance and ensures that the Headmaster is implementing agreed policies and strategies.

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Governing Body Meetings


The Main Board meetings happen once a term. In addition to this there are also three Sub-Committees that also meet termly, normally 2-3 weeks before the Main Board:

  • Education (including pastoral, safeguarding and chaplaincy)

  • Financial

  • Estates


Other meetings or conference calls are arranged as required.

The Constitution of the Governing Body


St David’s College is a registered charity and the members of the Board of Governors are all Trustees. They have a legal duty to act in accordance with well-defined rules and principles that reflect their status as Trustees. They are also Members and Directors of St David’s College Trust (Llandudno) Limited (a registered company) however, in both roles, they are still commonly referred to as Governors.

View our legal constitution here

All Governors are volunteers who receive no remuneration for serving on the Board and its committees.

Selection of Governors

The Governing Body seeks to ensure that at all times there is an appropriate spread of skills and expertise represented on the Board in order to properly discharge its duties. All governors are DBS checked, and once appointed undertake a formal induction and training programme to ensure they are equipped so St David’s benefits from their contribution


View our policy for selecting Governors