"We shall aim at sound scholarship, we shall pursue prowess at games, we shall encourage a love of the beautiful and of creative skills, but above all we are determined to lay such foundations of character as will send our pupils out to play an effective part in a world that stands in need of people of sterling Christian worth."

Excerpt from a 1965 letter by our founding Headmaster, John Mayor.

Founding Ethos


St David's College was founded in 1965 by John Mayor, the first Headmaster, together with Lewis Edwards and Canon Roy Barker. The vision was to establish a school for boys (we are now co-educational) which would tailor teaching to the specific learning style of each pupil. John Mayor had observed for some time that some pupils were struggling to find a place of appropriate learning in either mainstream independent and maintained schools. 

Writing six months prior to the opening of St David's College, John Mayor expressed in a letter to prospective parents: "St David's will provide academic and practical instruction to meet the needs of the individual pupil; it will also provide an environment in which self-confidence will develop."

Download the original school prospectus from 1966.

Download the original letter to the first prospective parents of St David's College, 1965.

The Christian Foundation of St David’s College is distinctive. It has an emphasis on quality of relationships and sense of belonging, the development of virtues, the promotion of compassion and the setting of the academic in the context of meaningful beliefs and values. This allows each pupil the opportunity to discover his/her own uniqueness, value and significance as a human being - the FREEDOM to FLOURISH.


St David's College aims to develop 'the whole person', through a broad education founded on Christian principles, a wide choice of interest and activity, and an achievable personal programme for each pupil.