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Dyslexia Resource

Useful Contacts & Information

As recommended and compiled by Dyslexia specialist school St David's College

Professional Advice & Help

Andrew Barrowclough

Education Specialist Solicitor - HCB Solicitors 

Andrew is a leading education solicitor who has helped many families secure funding for their child to attend a specialist provision school. 

John Hicks

Life Coach - Parenting Dyslexia

John is a life coach specialising in supporting parents in empowering their children to develop strategies that put the challenges of dyslexia behind them and unlocking their potential.

Groups & Organisations

British Dyslexia Association is a great source for information, training and advice.

CReSTeD acts as a source of schools and centres which parents can use to make a placement decision which will be critical to their Dyslexic child's educational future.

Nessy Learning provide learning software specifically for Dyslexic children. They also provide a good range of information and parental advice downloads.  

Dyslexia Association of Ireland offers a wide range of services, advice and information across Ireland. 

Made By Dyslexia is a global charity led by successful Dyslexics aiming to inspire and educate the world about Dyslexia. they offer plenty of free information.

Dyslexia Scotland offer a helpline and local branches as well as events.

SEN & Dyslexia Teaching Ideas

6 Ideas to engage Dyslexic students

Jennifer Turner is head of English, literacy coordinator and deputy head of Sixth Form at St. David’s College. Jennifer has been teaching English for 11 years, and loves nothing more than finding ways for pupils to have fun and learn both in and out of the classroom.

Nessy Learning Software

Nessy Learning offers a great range of learning software to help teach young dyslexic students. Nessy Learning is one of the tools used at St David's College as part of its assistive technology programme. Learn more here.

Best Practice Shared

Download this free knowledge pack containing information on teaching methods that work best for Dyslexic and SEN students. "What works for me" has been compiled by the learning support staff of the St David's College Cadogan Centre.

RNIB Bookshare

RNIB Bookshare UK education collection is a free online resource that allows educators to download curriculum materials in a range of formats and adapt them to suit personal reading needs of print-disabled learners

Inspiring Stories From Successful Dyslexics

Now a celebrated sculptor, Nick Elphick discusses how St David's College helped him build the foundations needed to enter the world of commercial art after struggling with severe dyslexia and ADHD.

We help our pupils achieve their dreams. For Hugh, this was achieving a first class degree in product design and landing a job with a top agency.